Freitag, März 10, 2006

Scrappin' Friday...

.... I finished 2 LO's this afternoon. I had the pictures sitting on my desk for some time now, but yesterday I found the time to do the journaling and today it was really easy to finish these pages. Never scrapped in that size before, but I felt really comfy with it!.It seemed easier to fill the page. The first one Talks about my husband, who isn't the one writing little notes or even loveletters. But sometimes there is a little heart somewhere, usually made out of something.

The other one talks about my new camera and how I enjoy it.

I haven't scrapped that much layouts right now and I talked about my problems on focusing on doing my own things instead of searching galleries and idea books all the time. Now this scrapping size really seemed easier to me and I think I might try and stick with a smaller size. We'll see, maybe that leads to more and faster layouts for me!!

The beautiful winter scene I posted before now looks not so pretty anymore due to the rain we're having the past 2 days. I hope that the sun wins and we're about to start spring. I'd love to see some nice flowers popping out of my garden!!

Have a nice friday!!

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