Sonntag, März 12, 2006

Finally.... to see the movie "Million Dollar Baby". I've been wanting to see that movie for some time now and it totally surprised me. I didn't know much of the story before I saw it. Just like Eastwood and maybe that was one of the reasons I wanted to watch it (?). Anyway it was amazing and I really liked it. Not the "Rocky" kind of movie.

While watching this I finished a layout I had started working on in the morning:

Took that picture last June in the Netherlands. I'm the one who always wants to go to the sea when deciding where to spend the vacation. (DH is more the hiking guy so he votes for the mountains!!)
I just like the wind, the beach, taking long walks, sitting there on a blanket and read a good book. The ocean seems so endless and it just gives me peace to be there and smell the fresh air, hear the sound of the waves, .....

By the way, we haven't decided yet where to go this year!?!?!

Have a good start into the week!!!

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