Montag, Juni 23, 2008


This is something I tried last year and am really interested in. After I saw a link on Karla's blog about doing the coptic bindung and seeing the same one again on Danyeela's blog today I have to post it here too. (Maybe just to have an easy access to it!!)
So here are the videos on the coptic stitch binding: Number one, number two and last but not least number three!!! Definitely have to try this!!!

On the scrappy side of life there happened some major damage to my credit card. Ooops! Now I'm sitting here waiting for the goodies to arrive and sorting my stuff. Have a friend who seems to be interested in starting to scrapbook so I thought she might be happy about some of the stuff that I seem not to use anymore!! Going through your stash makes me see so many things I have totally forgotten about!! Sad, but true! Hope that she will put them to a good use again.

Samstag, Juni 21, 2008

New Header!!!!

Wow, I don't know for how long I wnated to do this: Change the header - or better make something that is worth the name "header". But somehow it never worked out, there was some strange frame around it, ...
So today I just grabbed the camera and did some shots of my scraptable and went for it!!! Maybe I will change it a little bit but for now I'm okay with it!!

Did a little minibook with my Bind-it-all some days ago. I had some pictures from a commercial that was shown in the tv and in magazines that I really liked. I downloaded them from the internet and decided to put them in a minialbum. Didn't do anything to the pages itself, just put the pics in. Just something real quick to have the pics together, get more practice with the B-i-a and a little colour on the cover!!!

Samstag, Juni 14, 2008

Sick little boy

Yes, Felix has some fever and he's on antibiotics and fever reducer since thursday night. Poor little guy is all fuzzy and whiny when the fever breaks through and then once the meds work he seems to be quiet okay, playing along. Hopefully it will be gone soon, cause with my growing tummy it's not really funny carrying him around as often as he requires right now.

So agai just a short post with no pics, maybe I get something done tonight!!!

Donnerstag, Juni 12, 2008

I just love

Thursday mornings!! (and monday mornings too) These mornings Stefan doesn't have to be at work until around 10 - unless there is some kind of harvesting or something else going on. That means we can sleep in a little.
Today he went to get Felix when Felix woke up and all 3 of us had a nice little "talk" and cuddled and Felix gave lots of kisses, ... All this was followed by a nice breakfast. Just a great way to start off the day!!!
Simply enjoying these family times because real often Stefan gets to be home late and Felix is already in bed most of the time.

Montag, Juni 09, 2008

New Girlfriend

The fleamarket yesterday just was so huge!! There had been about 5000 visitors according to the newspaper today!!
I got a little sunburn but lots of little goodies found their way to our home too!!!

Especially one new friend sitting on my scrapdesk right now who I discovered saturday and just couldn't resist buying!!! She now keeps me company and maybe keeps my mojo flowing!!

Samstag, Juni 07, 2008

fleamarket weekend

This weekend is totally my style:

today I went to one fleamarket and tomorrow is the next one. There aren't too many around here and on top of that these are not the antique stuff kind of markets. There are only kids (and their parents) selling only kids stuff like toys and/or clothes.
I just love buying childrens books and found some today we don't already own, plus a small lawnmower with noise for Felix and some sand toys.

Let's see what tomorrow brings!!!

Montag, Juni 02, 2008


You won't believe it!! I finally - after I don't know how many weeks - finished a LO. I just loved these pictures and had them resized and put together as a mosaic with the flick'r tool. They were sitting here and I just wanted to make a LO but on the other hand I didn't want to mess it up. The "patterned paper" was actually sitting not far away from the pics waiting to be used or better say re-used as well: it is part of a Starbucks paperbag!! I just love their bags and tissues!
So today seemed to be the day to put everything together:
some thickers, some cardboard, a date stamp (office supply) and a stamp from DANI (details) which has some hidden journaling.