Montag, Juni 23, 2008


This is something I tried last year and am really interested in. After I saw a link on Karla's blog about doing the coptic bindung and seeing the same one again on Danyeela's blog today I have to post it here too. (Maybe just to have an easy access to it!!)
So here are the videos on the coptic stitch binding: Number one, number two and last but not least number three!!! Definitely have to try this!!!

On the scrappy side of life there happened some major damage to my credit card. Ooops! Now I'm sitting here waiting for the goodies to arrive and sorting my stuff. Have a friend who seems to be interested in starting to scrapbook so I thought she might be happy about some of the stuff that I seem not to use anymore!! Going through your stash makes me see so many things I have totally forgotten about!! Sad, but true! Hope that she will put them to a good use again.

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