Montag, Juli 28, 2008

summer heat

It is so hit and humid here and I'm not that kind of person - especially not while being pregnant!!!

Jsut a short note that we made it to our vacation and back home again safe. Will show some pictures later.

Did some scrap-shopping, too and was able to do some LO's.

Have to grab something cold to drink for now - too hot for a longer post!!!

Donnerstag, Juli 03, 2008

Double "W" post

One "W" is for WELLNESS:

This week was dedicated to wellness. Personal wellness just for me! I had a giftcard to get a pedicure and put some money on top of it and got a facial instead. OMG - this felt so good!! Just lying there and getting your face massaged and all that yummy smelling stuff they put on you! And today I went to the hairdresser and got my hair done. It was getting too long and during this pregnancy it seems to tend to be more like a spaghetti kind of hair!! What I want to say is, that whatever I tried the last couple of weeks it just hangs down 5 minutes later. And this just made me feel bad - plus I had some days with back pain (Ischias - don't know the english word) - so I really needed this pampering I got this week!!!

The second "W" is for "workshop". Maybe this word is too big and I should call it "crop"?? Anyways, there will be 4 women (out of which I know 2) coming to my house tomorrow night and they want to learn how to stamp. So it is kind of a WS - but I don't have a real concept of what I will do with them. I printed out some basic informations about stamps and stamp pads and cleaning, ... and then I will just "go with the flow" and let them play. Maybe this might lead to more or less regular crop?? Maybe I can interest them in scrapbooking too?? I would be really happy to have some people closer than the virtual ones to scrap and chat with. So I will do my best tomorrow!!!