Montag, März 26, 2007

Carrots for the first time!!!

Felix has been really interested in our food for quiet some days now so we decided to give it a try and start feeding him solid food this monday. I picked some carrot baby food up in the store this weekend and when he started to ask for food around noon today I was ready for the experiment!!
Very important: to wear the right equipment - especially with carrots!! (And have mommy take a picture of it!!!)

Next thing : Warm up the carrots to a nice temperature. And then the fun part starts!! But he really did so well. Didn't spit out a little bit. Took the spoon so well. I guess we're off to solid food! Not the little baby any more now! He was so concentrated swallowing and tasting and all that stuff. Couldn't get him to really smile for the last picture.

Mittwoch, März 21, 2007

winter came back...

On Monday we woke up to see the above outside! It was really surprising because we had some really warm spring days with lots of sun the week before. But of course the snow didn'T last for long and before noon most of it was already gone. But right now it is snowing again - not too much though.
As for me I don't need the winter to come back again. I felt really comfortable with the sun shining. It made it a lot easier to be outside with Felix.

Guess he saw I wrote his name - started crying right away - gotta go check on him!! See ya!

Sonntag, März 04, 2007

98th birthday

Last thursday Stefan's grandpa turned 98. So we had some days of celebrating his birthday. On thursday it was just the family having coffee and cake and a light dinner at my in-laws. The next day there were mainly the neighbours and we had the leftover cake with them and last but not least we went out for dinner yesterday with him.

Here are some pictures of last years birthday (because of Felix I didn't bring the camera with me this year!!):

That's him with his four sons.

That is him with his grandchildren and his 2 greatgrandchildren and the last one is him and Niklas, his first greatgrandchild.