Sonntag, Dezember 30, 2007

New Years resolutions

I don't know if I should really make some resolutions because I seem to break them so often. But I tend to make themnot only on New Years but also while lying in bed and not being able to sleep. All these thoughts I come up with about how to cook healthier, how to include workout into my daily routine, how to organize the household better etc up to changes concerning decorations or storage stuff in our house. The results are more or less long lists that too often don't include crossed-off-items!
But nontheless I want to:
scrap more
work out
finally get this household routine that allows me to get extra time for the above mentioned
be a better blogger (means blog more often)

Hope you are all having a nice New Years Eve and all the best for 2008!!!!

Samstag, Dezember 29, 2007

sick at christmas

is something you don't want to have. But when it happens - no one asks!!!

Felix started his second time of stomach flu the week before christmas. This time he also included having a fever!! So I spent almost 2 whole days on the couch or in bed with the little sick guy on top of me. that was the only thing that worked!! so he felt better the weekend before xmas and I went on a class reunion on the 23rd. The next day I felt not really well. I didn't drink because I had to drive so I thought it was because of all the people smoking there ( I had a headache). But after we took Felix to bed on christmas eve and handed each other our gifts I started visiting the bathroom on a more or less regular basis. Don't want to give you all the details but the night was horrible!!
So after this episode was over Felix started coughing and having a runny nose 2 days ago!! I just hope that the next year will start off better!!!

When Felix was sick with the stomach flu I received a long awaited mail: Claudine Hellmuths second book and Alis "Life artist". And because of him wanting to be with me all the time I wasn't able to touch it for 2 days. Just saw it sitting there on my dining table, ..... That was really hard!!

Freitag, Dezember 14, 2007

Home alone ...

.. meant time to scrap!! DH went to some sort of agricultural lecture last night so after Felix went to bed I was able to finally scrap again. I don't know when the last time was!! After all this crafting for the christmas market I wasn't able to do something just for me, just for the fun of creating something. So I pulled out these great german papers by Danyeela and started to play. Nothing really fancy, just simple stuff!!!

Dienstag, Dezember 11, 2007

Feeling a little bit dissapointed

but still okay. The christmasmarket didn't turn out the way I wished it would have!! Saturday went actually great, but on Sunday the weather wasn't really good so I guess that was why people chose to stay yt home instead of coming and buying all my little goodies. I couldn't believe that I didn't sell one single heart!! I think they are so cute and to b ehonest already figured how much money it would be selling all of them!! Well the good thing is that I won't have to sew any new ones for our Felix-safe christmas tree and can just go with the ones I already made!!!

But I still made some good money and I started already to look out for some nice things to get!!

I leave you with some shots from the weekend and I can start getting into the chrsitmas mood now that the market is over!!

some handmade little journals with patterned paper scraps.

That's me arranging some greeting cards.

Still doing the same!!

These are my cute painted wooden boxes (which used to carry oranges in their first live!!)

Two little collages with embellies and PP

My favourite item - and most sold one : Lichtertüten (light bag?!?)

Last but not least: my sewn hearts that nobody liked!!! I really can't believe it!! But wait until christmas when I post a pic of our hearty xmas tree!!! You all wished you'd have bought some!! But then it's too late!!!

I forgot one thing: One of the ladies who organuzed the event came by sunday evening and asked about the day and how it went and stuff like that. After I told her that I wasn't satisfied she offered me to put one of my boxes filled with cards in her little store. She sells decorative items and make holiday wreaths and I think her store is open on 2 or 3 afternoons in the week. Her store is known by lots of people already and I think this might be a nice opportunity for me to sell some things. We will see!!