Samstag, Dezember 29, 2007

sick at christmas

is something you don't want to have. But when it happens - no one asks!!!

Felix started his second time of stomach flu the week before christmas. This time he also included having a fever!! So I spent almost 2 whole days on the couch or in bed with the little sick guy on top of me. that was the only thing that worked!! so he felt better the weekend before xmas and I went on a class reunion on the 23rd. The next day I felt not really well. I didn't drink because I had to drive so I thought it was because of all the people smoking there ( I had a headache). But after we took Felix to bed on christmas eve and handed each other our gifts I started visiting the bathroom on a more or less regular basis. Don't want to give you all the details but the night was horrible!!
So after this episode was over Felix started coughing and having a runny nose 2 days ago!! I just hope that the next year will start off better!!!

When Felix was sick with the stomach flu I received a long awaited mail: Claudine Hellmuths second book and Alis "Life artist". And because of him wanting to be with me all the time I wasn't able to touch it for 2 days. Just saw it sitting there on my dining table, ..... That was really hard!!

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