Montag, Juni 02, 2008


You won't believe it!! I finally - after I don't know how many weeks - finished a LO. I just loved these pictures and had them resized and put together as a mosaic with the flick'r tool. They were sitting here and I just wanted to make a LO but on the other hand I didn't want to mess it up. The "patterned paper" was actually sitting not far away from the pics waiting to be used or better say re-used as well: it is part of a Starbucks paperbag!! I just love their bags and tissues!
So today seemed to be the day to put everything together:
some thickers, some cardboard, a date stamp (office supply) and a stamp from DANI (details) which has some hidden journaling.


socialbutterfly hat gesagt…

such a fab page!! LOVE the colors and design!!

Beate hat gesagt…

Wow, I just love this page! Fantastic design. :)