Dienstag, Mai 27, 2008

Neverending story and surprise finds

The last 2 days I worked on the project that seems to be a real neverending story for me. Work in progress for I guess the rest of my life. You know I'm a collector of all kinds of stuff and only through moving out at my parents' and the fact that Felix was born and needed some space too I started to sort things out more often. I read a lot about living simple and things like that on different blogs and/or books/articles. And I really feel good when I do sort things out and get rid of some stuff, give it to friends or family or just through it away. The only thing is that it seems so timeconsuming because I get distracted so easily flipping through the old magazines or things like that. But this time I tried to make some extra space in the bedroom and I succeded!! One bag of old clothes to donate and a few items for my mom and ....some extra space!!!
Felix was all over the place of course and this is what happened today when he found my goggles!!!

Today we also went grocery shopping in the afternoon and when I hit the newspaperstands I thought: well lets take a look - MAYBE they might have that new german scrap mag. But I wasn't really optimistic about that. BUT - they did have it!!! So that's where I'm going now: reading a bit more and putting the album for Felix together. No, not a scrap album, just a ablum with all the pictures and there are some lines for the date and some little notes. I didn't want to stress about making this a "real" scrapbook album - because I know I might not finish it and with the next baby on it's way who would deserve one as well, nono better not even start making one. I stick with the single LO - don't even seem to get these done lately LOL

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