Samstag, Juni 21, 2008

New Header!!!!

Wow, I don't know for how long I wnated to do this: Change the header - or better make something that is worth the name "header". But somehow it never worked out, there was some strange frame around it, ...
So today I just grabbed the camera and did some shots of my scraptable and went for it!!! Maybe I will change it a little bit but for now I'm okay with it!!

Did a little minibook with my Bind-it-all some days ago. I had some pictures from a commercial that was shown in the tv and in magazines that I really liked. I downloaded them from the internet and decided to put them in a minialbum. Didn't do anything to the pages itself, just put the pics in. Just something real quick to have the pics together, get more practice with the B-i-a and a little colour on the cover!!!

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