Montag, März 27, 2006

Like a kid in a candystore ...

... was how I felt on Friday!! I went to Dortmund where there was something similiar to CHA but I guess a couple of times smaller. The stores have their boothes there and you can buy their things there. But it's not like e.g. Basic Grey has it's own booth. Don't know if theres something like that in the US. Since I live in a region where it's hard to get a hold on scrap supplies I'm always waiting for the "Creativa" in Dortmund in March and the "KreativWelt" in Wiesbaden in November to get some goodies.

So check out the yummy things I treated myself to:

I give you a close up on the rubberstamps:

Can't wait to use all these things!

By the way: Did you see that fun stuff Ali Edwards is selling?? I want to have some of those mugs!!! And a shirt!! They are just awesome!!!


Missy's Blog hat gesagt…

Tanja ... I just wanted to let you know you have an incredible blog. It's very creative and you are an amazing scrapper. I found your blog while surfing around Take care. Missy

Corinnexxx hat gesagt…

HI there!

just saw you have your own blog too so just wanted to tell you that it looks great just as the amazing goodies you got!!