Montag, März 27, 2006

At Last...

... I was able to upload something on blogger again!! Well I'm honest: I didn't try after Wednesday last week because I was too busy. So here are the 2 Layouts from last week:

My favourite machine. the journaling talks about how much I always wanted a kitchenaid since I was an AuPair in the US, but they were always to expensive for me. So when DH and me got married we were able to get one from the money we received. I decided to go for the hot red one.

Seems Like I like that hot red colour for shoes, too!?! Here I talk about how difficult it is sometimes for me to get nice shoes in my size. I have a 42 - don't know what that is in US but I think it might be 11 1/2 ?? I'm really not sure - anyway it's really big feet for a girl!! But I really like these!!

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