Mittwoch, Januar 31, 2007


It is even harder to keep this bloggin thing going with a child. And Felix has been really time consuming the last few days. He needs lots of attention, wants to be carried lots, etc.

I started a class last week for women who gave birth. Don't know if that is known everywhere but here in Germany we have it and the purpose is to activate and strengthen the muscles again that weren't used during pregnancy or suffered due to the weight or labor... It is just an hour a week but it feels nice to be on my own for this hour and to know that Stefan is with Felix so he's fine and I don't have to worry about that and just do something for me. Last night we did a little massage at the end. The instructor - Heidi - read a little story about being on the beach and feeling the sun burn on your skin and the the rain starts to fall, you feel the wind, ... There was one woman sitting and imagining this scene and the other one sitting behind her using her hands to "be" the sun and wind and rain on the womens back. I really felt the sun and the rain and everything and it felt soo good.

Afterwards I went to BurgerKing and grapped something for dinner and a Latte which was the second highlight of that night!!

Some random pictures:My Mom and Felix on New Years

8 weeks old

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tanete maria hat gesagt…

Hallo, hallo ihr lieben. Hab mal ein bischen Zeit vor der arbeit Dein Blog zu lesen. Christine hatte mir gesagt das da wieder Bilde von dem Felix sing. Der ist jahr so lieb. Und die Oma sieht sieht auch happy aus...... alles liebe und gute von uns hier.....