Dienstag, Januar 02, 2007

Angels seem to make their way...

... to the ones that need them.

While being in the hospital giving birth to Felix there was a woman together with me in the room. She was given one of these beautiful angels with the metal wings by one of her visitors. I really tried to remember the name of the company but I guess I failed. Being back home I searched the net and couldn't find these angels.
Then I found in one of the blogs I read a post where someone else was given one of these angels and I tried to get information about the angels from her. She did comment upon my blog but not about the angels !! :-(
So again some days later my mom came visiting me - or I guess more Felix than me LOL - and she had a present for Felix with her. One of her friends gave it to her. I opened it up and immediately recognized the logo on the box and started screaming!!! My - or Felix' - angels has found us!!!

It's a Guardian Angel and the company is called Willow Tree and the designer is Susan Lordi. I just love these angels and the other figurines.

Then christmas eve came and in germany that is the time to open up the presents. Stefan had 2 for me. The first one was a perfume by Calvin Klein I wanted quiet for a while and the second one was another figurine:

It was a really touching gift for me, because I think Stefan sometimes has a hard time in finding a present for me - although I think I'm easy to find a gift for!! - and plus that he chose this one. Representing our new little family which makes it even more clear to me how happy he is having Felix and being a father now.

I hope these angels (although the family figurine is not really an angel one) will guide us through 2007 and make that this new year will be one of laughter and joy and good new things for us and our families.

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