Sonntag, Januar 07, 2007

Sunday morning thoughts...

Just some random things I wanted to post:

...Cathy Z. is back with her blog. I liked reading her blog and thought it was sad when she stopped it in fall 2006. But anyways- she's back!!!

...Just had a great breakfast with fresh baked croissants filled with nougat!! Mmmmh!!!

...Felix is sleeping right now so I got the chance to be on the computer, but Stefan is also waiting for it!!

... started a Mini album about 2006. Just finished the january page and have to wait for the pictures to be developed to continue with the other months!

Have a nice Sunday

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi, ist ja schön das der kleine schläft nachdem er gestern gequengelt hat. euch auch nen schönen Sonntag, Julia