Freitag, Februar 23, 2007

Baptism etc.

On february 11th we celebrated Felix' baptism in the church here in Oberkail.

It was a nice ceremony and some of our friends joined us. Afterwards we celebrated a little bit together with our families at home. It was a real nice day and Dirk took my camera and really got some nice shots with us and Felix.

We had to empty our living room to make space for an extra table for all the guests that day, so that was a bit of a challenge for us! My mom came saturday to help me clean everything and set the table. But I guess everyone was happy once everything was on his place again by Tuesday!

The Monday after the baptism Felix got his first shots at the doctor (vaccination). He did cry a little but calmed down real quick.

Have to go - he is waking up, maybe later some more!!

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