Donnerstag, Januar 03, 2008

First LO of 2008

A couple of nights ago I tried something new scrapwise: I started to pull out pics that I want to scrap and put them into folders together with a piece of paper where I put some notes either about the journaling or the LO or the kind of paper I want to use.
Just something I want to try and see if that helps me to get more LO's done. So far it seems to work. Because of these folders I kept thinking about some of the LO's-to-be and just went for one of them tonight! Voila, here's my christmas LO 2006!!!

I used some patterned paper I had sitting around for I guess about 2 years plus a pretty new stamp for the journaling lines and some glitter ( also sitting here for quite a long time!! Never had a real use for it but here it seemed to be just perfect!!).

Want to try to use some of the "old" stuff this year too. Sometimes I have a hard time using things because they are just so pretty and I'm afraid of using them ( if that makes sense?!?).

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socialbutterfly hat gesagt…

i really LOVE this layout!! yes, and you're so right: use your stash!! i will follow you!! ;)
happy new year!!