Samstag, September 09, 2006

fleamarket finds

Went to a great fleamarket today with my sister. There are mostly kids (or mothers) that sell some of their toys or clothes. There are always great treasures for me to find. And sure I did find some today:

The little mole from the puzzle and the book was and still is part of a german children show on TV which I used to watch when I was little. And I just love this little guy!!

Eric Carle of course is a big favourite too!! Who doesn't know "The very hungry caterpillar"??

And this cute red elephant just begged me to take him home with me!!

Had a real good Moccacino with my sister in a cafe, but had to head out to see a doctor then. Woke up last night and had some breast troubles. But the doctor assured me that there is no infection. Might just be some irriation due to the pregnancy. (But is still hurts!! Ouch!)

Have a nice WE

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