Dienstag, September 12, 2006

Last Sunday ...

... I had some trouble with blogger and my pictures. That why it took me until Tuesday to write something about Sunday. Oh Well, ...

anyways it was a beautiful day last sunday and I was sitting outside, reading a good book, flipping through the new CK October issue and taking some pictures of my garden flowers and other stuff outside. I like the garden in fall (guess it really is fall now even when the weather is still pretty nice and warm), with the dahlias and sunflowers blooming , the pumpkins on the front doors everywhere. Even like the fog in the morning.

On monday i was really proud of myself finishing the cleaning sorting out in my kitchen and getting some other things done here. There are still a few things that need to be done. You know the kind of things that you didn't took care of right away. There was still a little spot to be painted in front of the new kids room - which I finally did on monday.
I guess I just want everything to get ready for the baby and to get rid of all the stuff that isn't really needed or used.
Ali talks a lot about these kinds of things too and I feel the same way about it once I tried and got rid off some stuff. I mean while checking out scrap sites on the internet I still find myself wanting to order loads of products that might never be used just because they are soo pretty, but I guess thats just human.

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