Sonntag, August 27, 2006

Sunday activities

Just giving myself a little break on the computer. Doing some blogsurfing and some little games.
Stwfan got an "emergency" phonecall to help the soccer team out 'cause they were short of players. I hate when that happens. We were just starting to sort some things out, get the final touches to our new little office, finish some of the paperworks and stuff like that when his cell phone rang. And he is the kind of guy that would never ever let the team down. I mean I like that on him too but it seems to happen always onthe wrong times!!
So here I am, left alone!!
Well I did 2 loads of laundry and ironed a big basket that was already waiting for me for a couple of days. Did this while listening to an audiobook: Inkheart by Cornelia Funke.
Love to listen to audiobooks while I iron or do some crafty things where I'm able to concentrate on the book. Still have some sitting here waiting to be played and listened to.

Also started woking on some cards for the christmas market in december. Went to the store in Trier yesterday and got some more cards. I think I finished about 25 by today. Last year I had 200, so there is some more work here to be done. Specially when I want to sell more than jsut cards.

Hopefully Stefan is coming back pretty soon, so whe can get at least some of the things done.

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