Mittwoch, August 02, 2006

Finally cooling down.....

....after this hot period last weekend it finally started to rain and it cooled down a little. Makes me feel a whole lot better!!

Today my sister stopped by and after Stefan and me switched the cables on Monday night to put up the PC in our bedroom we were able to move some of the office stuff in the new "bedroom-office". There are still lots of things to sort out (specially Stefans), but I guess I have to do that one at a time.

I went to a felting workshop last saturday where we made a handbag. That was really fun. I took really long to finish that bag - from 9am until 7pm and at the end it was really hard work but it was worth it. I tried felting before but didn't get the right technique out of that book I used. So I went with a friend to learn it "in real life". Now everything seems much clearer and you know all the steps better. Some things are hard to learn by yourself or out of books.

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