Mittwoch, Juli 19, 2006

Summer in the City

This is one hot week here!! After work I just go straight for a nap because it's just too hot to do anything outside. At like 8 pm is start opening the door and go outside, water the plants, get some air, ...

Last week we (Mom and I mostly, sometimes my dad too) managed to redo our bedroom. We had to tale off the old wallpaper ( Thanks KATHA) and put new one up. Then we added some paint. Of course we had to take most of the furniture out there and did some kind of "camping" in the living room! Slept there on our matresses for the whole week!! Of course we did a trip to IKEA (the new one in Koblenz) and got some stuff for our new office that will be in the bedroom. We still need to put up some cables there for the Internet so we can finally move the computer stuff there too. but so far everathing looks good. I picked a light grey for the walls and it really makes the room look cool adnd calm.

Checked out some nice new sites -mostly blogs- today:
Claudine Hellmuth - just love her collage style
some kind of freestyle blog where e.g. Elsie Flannigan or Emliy Falconbridge post

Take care

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