Mittwoch, Juni 07, 2006

Car problems on Wednesday...

.... as you know by the last post our family is growing so what we need is a new car. This means we are trying to sell our 2 cars to trade them in for 1 family car. So far so good. We put my little Volkswagen Lupo in the Internet on a german car site on Monday night.

So far one person called, which is okay, but today I went to work with a coworker and left my car at his house. When we got back from work something looked weird on my car. Can't believe it, but I have a flat tire!! I just got new ones 3 or 4 weeks ago so that realy p... me off!! And after Stefan went to the garage they told him we need to buy a new one because they are not able to fix it!!! I really like my car, but today I wished it was already sold!!!!!

But to calm down I read a little bit in "The Big Picture" by Stacy Julian, which arrived in the mail yesterday. That totally took my thoughts off that stupid car thing!

Take Care!!!

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