Freitag, Januar 16, 2009

IKEA scrap tote

They did it again!!! Once more IKEA has something available that we scrapbookers are going to use for their purposes - at least I will.
As mentioned in the post before I got 2 of their smaller shopping bags and made my very own tote. Since I don't have a specific scrap space anymore ( turned into the kids room) this comes in very handy: I store my stuff in the bedroom and usually scrap in the living room. Now I can carry my stuff easily instead of going back and forth a dozen times.
I just sewed 2 bags together after I put one in the inside of the other one and folded the outer one inwards. Thus I was able to create some pockets on the outside. I also put some cardboard in the bottom to stabilize the whole bag. Sounds a bit complicated but maybe the pics will explain some more!!!

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simone hat gesagt…

hi tanja,

thx for your nice comment. yes, that cam-strap was just the proto sample for further ones. ; )

btw, i already saw your great ikea tote post at the dani peuss forum & thought: crazy but cool idea! go ahead! i'm very courious about what will come next.

cheers, simone