Sonntag, Dezember 28, 2008

Wishing ...

... all of you a very merry belated christmas!!!

this will be another post with just random thoughts coming to my mind - things that happened after the last post until now in no order whatsoever!!!

I got hooked too!!!! Currently reading "Eclipse" and I'm lucky that my sister got me "Breaking Dawn" for christmas so I can just move on reading without having to wait one single second!!
I'm not sure though if I start reading other vampire stories mentioned on some other blogs. Maybe it will be enough vampire stories for quiet a while for me!!

Finished a mini album using childhood pictures and am really happy with that - have no pictures yet - sorry!! Maybe in the next post.

Bought some bags at IKEA that I'm trying to turn into a scraptote for me. I don't like most of the totes you can buy or I don't want to spend that much money on them. But because I have limited space and have to get my supplies in our bedroom and carry them to the livingroom to be able to scrap I think it will ben ice to have the basics all in one bag and just grab that and off you go!! But I still have to figure out how to do this - transfer 2 IKEA bags into 1 scrap-tote. Will show you - promise!!!

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Susanne Hüttner hat gesagt…

Hallo Tanja,
da mein Feedreader den Geist aufgegeben hat, konnte ich deinen Blog nun längere Zeit nicht mehr besuchen. Und seitdem ist ja bei Euch eine ganze Menge passiert.....
Ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie von ganzem Herzen alles Gute und viel Freude mit Eurem Nachwuchs!

Liebe Grüße, Susanne