Freitag, September 12, 2008

I'm still here!!!!!

even if I don't post!!!!

But there was some computer free time involved here!! We renovated the kids room and had to move out everything and Felix ended up sleeping in our bedroom (of course most of the time in the "big bed") and therefor my usual computer time - which is while he is sleeping - was cancelled because the PC is also in our bedroom!!! As well as my scrap stuff!!

But I didn't feel like creating much anyways - the baby is just kicking with everything it has and I feel like resting on the couch most of the day!!!

Besides that Stefan was really busy too - which meant no real break for me with Felix and both our granddads (99 and 86 years) had or still have health problems.

Just hope that after this weekend when my mom comes out to help me clean the house and on Sunday I celebrate my 32nd bday everything will go a little smoother and we will just wait for the baby to come and see how I will be able to be creative again!!! With fall and winter coming along, ..... which for me is a better time to make things anyways.

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