Montag, August 25, 2008

Can't believe that there never seems to be time to write my own blog!! Just checking all the other ones!!

But we are busy getting everything ready for the baby and just living our life. With me getting bigger and bigger ( week 31 now) it seems harder and harder to just do the "normal" stuff like cleaning , washing, ... I find myself being impatient with Felix these days a lot.

I went to a fleamarket with my mom earlier this month and sold some stuff and I sorted out my books. The scrap ones I posted on a forum and the other ones were donated to a friend and/or some other places. Still need to get rid of some things to get the house more decluttered.
Next thing on my list is my patterned paper. Had do move my scrap stuff because of baby no.2 again and will use this to purge my stuff some more.

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