Donnerstag, April 10, 2008

Here we go again

...I don't know how exactly it has happenend that there is no new post for such a long time. But for me this semms to happen ones in a while!!

There had been some things going on around here that kept me from updating this blog. I trie dto keep up reading all those blogs in my bloglines feeder (which are by the way not just a few - but 95 feeds!!!) but there seems to be no time for own posts or scrap time at all!! I just wanted to be on the couch in front of the TV or reading a book!!

But now to the things that happened in the last weeks:

We remodeled our kitchen. Or better to say the half of it that hadn't been done yet. I had the same thought Christiane had: we needed a green wall too!! And I'm totaly in love with all the drawers that close silently and by itself (the last few inches) . And Felix just loves his new cardboard house in which our new fridge was delivered!!!

As always it took some time to get everything in place - there are still some things in the kitchen that need new homes!! Or the tools need to be put away. That's so typical for us to not finish a project the whole way but to leavesome bits for days and weeks, .....

Felix got a digger from DUPLO for Easter and was totally happy with it - and for sure he still is. Spotted it right away too!!!

He and his cousins had some major fun "working" and feeding the cows. Felix now has his full outdoor equipment so no matter what the weather is like he is ready to go!!!

Alright I guess these were most of the things that happened. There is one more but I can't tell for another week or so - sorry!!

Gotta get the pictures in here and off we go!!

Just one more short of Felix learning to eat his joghurt by himself - you sure can tell how much fun he is having!!!!

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socialbutterfly hat gesagt…

life happens - and that's okay!! have a nice week!!