Montag, April 28, 2008

a day on my own

that was what happened Saturday! I dropped Felix off at my parents at 7:30 in the morning and went to a nearby town for a fleamarket. That fleamarket is 2 times a year and there are only kids or their parents selling mostly childrens stuff such as toys, clothes and books. I love to go there and find treasures. This time I wasn't as succesful as the times before but still I got some nice pants and shirts, a truck to play outside and some nice children's books.

Afterwards I took off to Koblenz. There was a sweet little art show going on in the "Sporthalle Oberwerth" and since I had no chance to go to the "Creativa" I "had" to go there. There were only like 30 booths and some really weren't my kind of stuff so I was a little bitdissappointed, but O got some plain cards and envelopes and I sewed a nice rose from the Tilda books on a 1600€ sewing machine!! ( That sure was a difference to my 150€ Tchibo machine!!!)

Did some shopping in Koblenz too and on my way home I stopped at my sisters in Cochem. I really enjoyed just being by myself for one day - and I think that Felix loved staying at my parents as well!!

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