Sonntag, November 04, 2007


Again such a long time in between my posts!!
But I just enjoyed reading other blogs instead of writing myself!!

Well. what happened in between?? Just some random things that come to my mind in no particular order:

- my aunt from the states visited and brought some scrap goodies including the Bind-it-all!! Haven't touched it yet but I'm excited to use it pretty soon!!

- Felix' third and forth teeth finally broke through. He had some more trouble with those - and we too!! Looks so cute when he is smiling!!

- did some IKEA shopping, nothing big just the little stuff that adds up in your card and on your bill ;-)

- finished most of the garden work. Fells good to know that there will be a break during the winter time!!

- have been to Wiesbaden yesterday to the Kreativ Welt. Did some scrap shopping but not too much. Pictures to follow later!!!

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christiane hat gesagt…

great to read you again!! i'm also looking sooo forward to the winter break!! but lots of leafs are on the trees!! ;)
have a good one!!