Montag, November 19, 2007

Lots on my ToDo List

I have been busy getting my projects finished for the christmas market on the 8th and 9th of december. As most of the times I'm a little bit behind. But time is really limited now and it is so tempting to do something else when Felix falls asleep. Something else like reading, sleeping, TV, blog reading, instead of finishing these mentioned projects or housework/Paperwork.

Maybe this would be a good goal for next year: get more organized so there is more time left for me!!

Had some thought about how to make some money while being a stay at home mum too. I thought about working with a homesale company before and in November Stampin' Up! started their business in Germany. Plus I got to know that The Body Shop also sells their stuff in home parties. I'm still in the process of thinking about this job. The problem is that we live pretty rural here and I'm afraid that I won'T be able to find that many women interested in stamping here. Plus I'm sot really sure if I really want to do such a job - never done it before!!

So right nowI have to get these soon-to-sell-projects ready plus it is Felix first birthday on the coming Sunday. So there are some things I need to prepare (plus making lists for christmas and getting the presents....)

Sorry, no pics again!!!

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