Donnerstag, Oktober 04, 2007

ebay, vacation and a first haircut

these 3 things have nothing in common but will be my update for you guys.

I sold some things on ebay like e.g. shoes that didn't really fit and some rubberstamps I never used and a piece of tupperware I once "had" to buy but also never really used in a way that would have justified the money I once paid for it!!
But stupid me forget our little trip to bavaria when I out the things on ebay and so it happened that some items were sold while I wasn't at home to watch and mail, etc. But my sis was so nice and we had some sort of conference call and she updated me on my profits. (I put the money aside for my trip to the KreativWelt in Wiesbaden in november!!!)

So here we are already talking about the 2nd word: VACATION
We went to Bavaria for a short vacation from last Friday until Tuesday night. My wish was to visit Munich during that trip because I like that city. We ended up going there on Tuesday basically already on our way home. We walked across the "ViktualienMarkt" - a really big Farmers Market there. Really beautiful - all the color and all these smells. (Sorry, I forgot to bring the camera!!!) Had some Starbucks there too (Raspberry Cheese Cake - YUMMMM). But here are some pictures of the days before - we were really lucky to have such great weather!! Back home it wasn't that good!!

The last pic is Felix being totally fascinated by some animals in a little zoo we visited in Ebbs.

And now on to the third word: HAIRCUT

That is him a couple of days before with his kind-of-long-hair:

Felix had his first haircut today!! He did so great! But Monika - my hairdresser - is really good with kids. Felix was standing on my lap and she started by putting a clip in my hais and combing first mine then his hair and then just starting cutting and he didn't really notice it. At the end she made his hair stand up a little put which looked really cute together with his big boy shirt!!!

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