Samstag, Oktober 06, 2007


That seems to be a size that more and more scrapper try right now and tonight I watched a movie which reminded me of a credit card comercial and I thought right away about these two pictures and they seemed to just fit right on this new format. Didn't add much, but I like it that way.

Alright.... after doing some more online shopping at Hambly today (Christine , this will most likely be the last box!!) and doing some garden work I'm going to bed now, reading a little bit and then .......sssshhh....... night-night!!!


christiane hat gesagt…

as i said before: such a cute priceless face!! and i love this size too!! ;)) great job!! have a nice sunday!!

christiane hat gesagt…

hallo tanja,
mail mir doch bitte mal deine mail-addy über meinen blog, dann können wir uns austauschen!! ;))