Montag, Februar 27, 2006

Step by Step

... wow, this whole blogging is going to take some time for me. Spend some hours now, trying to figure out what design I want, trying to add links.
I thought this is going to be soooo easy and I would just click here and there, but... at least the writing seems to work for me. I'll go for the design later.

Yesterday I scrapped a picture of my sister taken maybe 20 years ago during a vacation in Italy. i asked my mom for some negatives some time ago, because I wanted to develope some of the pictures from my childhood to get them scrapped. I just had to wait for these circle stamps to use on the layout. I liked the way Ali E. journals around her pictures sometimes, so I tried this, too.

I have a hard time scrapping lately. I get distracted by Internet Galleries and my magazines and books and end up searching these galleries or looking at the magazines instead of creating something myself. I don't know anybody personally here in my environment who scraps so we could get together. Maybe soon there will be more scerappers here in Germany. I never give up the hope!!!

See ya!!!....

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