Freitag, Februar 01, 2008

Artistic Edge

is a online class by Adrienne Looman I'm taking and it just started today. It's about giving your pictures an "artistic edge" with the help of Photoshop Elements (in my case).
I own PSE 3.0 and basically all I do is to store my pics with the help of this program, turn them into black and white ones or once in awhile use a brush. I hope to get to know this program and its possibilities a bit more through this class. Sometimes you see these cool photos with striking colours and I always wanted to know how that works. But I don't like to read through manuals and I don't like to sit here and play around with the program without having a clue (don't have the time to do so either!!!).
Well I just picked some pictures out of the blue and tried what Adrienne explained in the first lesson. Here are the results ( first of each set is the before photo and the second the photo after I did some "magic"):


~Nancy~ hat gesagt…

Oh wow.. these changes are amazing! I'm just like you.. I don't like to read through manuals at all.. so I always stick to the basic things with Paint Shop pro or programs like that.. hehe!

Aline hat gesagt…

Great changes, have fun with the class! :))

Karla Dudley hat gesagt…

That girl obviously knows what she is talking about! Your pictures turned out wonderfully ^-----^ I really like the second transformation. It has a nice subtle kick to it...LOVE!

Hope you are having a good night honey,

socialbutterfly hat gesagt…

ich habe auch überlegt, mich anzumelden!! aber das leidige zeitproblem!! obwohl ... wenn ich deine resultate so sehe?? schon klasse!!