Sonntag, Dezember 03, 2006

He's here!!!!!!!

Welcome the new member of our little family:


He was born on November 25th , 52 cm and 3720 g

He is the cutest little thing you can ever imagine (of course that is what every mom thinks). He is doing really well and he sleeps a lot. That makes is easy for me to catch up on some of that missing sleep during the nighttime.

I feel like Stefan and me can't imagine ever living without him any more, even after this short time. He brings so much joy into our lives and he is the best pre- christmas - gift ever!!!!!


Astrid hat gesagt…

Ahhh what a little cutie!! Enjoy it! Astrid (Assie70)

Jannie hat gesagt…

Wow...what a handsome little boy. He looks very well! Enjoy it! Jannie

Anonym hat gesagt…

Echt ein süßes Bild! Kann kaum warten, bis Felix wieder auf meinem Arm schläft!!! Julia

Karla hat gesagt…

Hey cutie!!! Welcome to the world!